Egg Roll Stir Fry
Spiced ginger pork with shredded carrot, scallion, and Napa cabbage dressed in tamari vinaigrette with Chef's choice brown rice (substitutions available). Add a fried egg for an international experience (additional cost).

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Water,Ground Pork,Brown Rice,Red Cabbage(OG),Napa Cabbage,Scallions(OG),Ginger(OG),Carrots(OG),Daikon Radish,Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Lime Juice,Cilantro(OG),Apple Cider Vinagar,Orange Juice(OG),Garlic(OG),Raw Honey,Bragg Liquid Aminos,Yellow Onions,Cumin,Vegetable Stock,Five Spice,Course Sea Salt,Black Pepper,Dried Oregano,
(OG) indicates an ingredient is organic.