Origin Story

This Is How It Began:

Our founder Dave’s son was 15 when he was faced with acute GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). The conventional treatment alone was not working and the next step was surgery. Surgeries come with risks and possible side effects, and his son had the additional complication that his tissues were extremely inflamed and his body wasn’t tolerating the dosage of medication needed to calm it all down. In desperation to somehow help him get better, Dave’s wife Sue began researching nutrition. After making some dietary changes which included removing gluten and dairy, their son’s body began to heal. Scans at the Mayo Clinic revealed that his condition had completely turned around. To this day he has not needed the surgery that at one time seemed the only option.

This was the beginning of a new lifestyle for our founders family. When you or a family member require a specific diet or cannot tolerate certain ingredients, you need to make most of your food from scratch, just so you can be absolutely certain of what is and isn’t in it. But not everyone enjoys cooking…. and 7 days in a week can be a lot for any home chef.

From Dave’s family experience came this idea to serve people chef quality food that has great nutritional value, with specific information about each and every dish. So you can eat as carefully or freely as you need to, and enjoy NOT cooking that meal yourself.