Know Your Farmers

Bell and Evans

Food conscious families and chefs began choosing Bell & Evans poultry in the early 1890s. That makes them America’s oldest branded poultry. They have very specific standards for raising chickens and processing them, which are clearly documented on their website.

Ferndale Market

Located in beautiful Cannon Falls Minnesota, Ferndale farms has been in business for generations raising free-range turkeys. Ferndale turkeys grow naturally, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants.

Grass Run Farms

Grass Run Farms is 100% grass fed and finished beef that is born, pasture raised, and harvested in the USA. Grass Run Farms cattle never receive grain, animal by-products, antibiotics, or added hormones. Simply put, it’s good for you, the animals and our land. 

Hidden Stream Farm

Hidden Stream Farm is located in Elgin, MN, not far from the bluffs of the Mississippi River or the famous Whitewater State Park. They raise their animals using a grass-based deep bedded system. This allows farming of local meats in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way. They produce happy local chicken, beef, and pork, which are antibiotic-free and without hormones.

Minn Tofu

Minn Tofu is a local Minnesota startup with a singular focus on producing wholesome and environmentally sustainable plant based foods with locally farmed soybeans. It was started by Yan Small, a licensed food safety instructor from St. Paul, who has been teaching classes to food handlers and managers since 2011. The soybeans are grown in St. Peter, MN.

Revol Greens

Grown Clean and Green is the mantra at Revol Greens. They grow in a unique, sustainable greenhouse designed to produce the safest, cleanest, and freshest lettuce and greens available year-round. Because of their Grown Clean and Green™ process, Revol Greens’ lettuce and greens remain fresh longer, taste better, and do not require rinsing or washing.

Skuna Bay Salmon

Skuna Bay Salmon exists for one reason – to help feed the world and in doing so reduce pressure on wild fish stocks. Their fish are fed healthy natural ingredients, live in ocean pens that are 98.5% water so they enjoy their space and can swim, and once a pen is harvested it is allowed to lie fallow to recover a balance with the natural environment.

St. Croix Valley Produce

Bringing you fresh sustainable and organic produce from family farms in the St. Croix and Chippewa Valleys of Wisconsin.  Our produce comes directly from a community of local families who farm full-time; a collective known as St. Croix Valley Growers.  These farms are certified organic and GAP certified. St. Croix Valley Growers started in 2013 as a group of family owned farms who are committed to selling their produce directly to restaurant owners and retailers. We source vegetables, herbs, and eggs from this collective.