Our Ingredients

Know Your Ingredients

Understanding the ingredients in our food is critical to eating a healthy diet. It is important to avoid unhealthy ingredients like highly refined and processed vegetable oils, high levels of sodium found in most table salts, added sugars, artificial colorings, and preservatives such as nitrates. Some people must avoid certain ingredients all-together due to allergens, food sensitivities, or other health concerns. That is why at GreenDish we not only list our ingredients, nutrition values, and allergens, but we are also careful to avoid unhealthy ingredients. For example, our chefs use primarily extra virgin olive oil in our cooking, we avoid sourcing foods that have been treated with nitrates and nitrites, and we avoid adding sugar— if we do it’s raw cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.

Clean Ingredients

We take pride in sourcing the cleanest ingredients possible. That means we avoid GMOs and are careful to source foods that have not been treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides. For this reason, most of our vegetables are sourced as certified organic or are farmed through beyond organic practices.

Responsibly Raised Meats

Our meats come from farms that raise their animals without antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. Our beef is all from grass-fed cows, whose meat is higher in omega-3 fatty acids than cows raised on grain and corn. Our poultry and pork are fed a vegan diet. Check out our “Know Your Farmer” page to see what our farmers are saying.

Locally Sourced When Possible

Local foods are usually better for our health and our environment. They travel less miles and there is a shorter time between harvest and your table, increasing their nutrient density and decreasing spoilage. In addition, locally grown food is often more flavorful as it is allowed to ripen naturally and is picked at the peak of ripeness. We also believe it is important to support our local farmers and our local economy.