Meatball Marinara
House-made Turkey meatballs with spaghetti, tossed in our robust house marinara sauce and Chef's choice of green beans. (Substitutions available).

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Smarz Tomato,Ground Turkey,Spaghetti(GF) ,Green Beans(OG),Yellow Onions,White Wine,Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Eggs(OG),Garlic(OG),Celery(OG),Carrots(OG),Basil(OG),Bread Crumbs(GF),Parmigiano Cheese,Raw Cane Sugar,Lemon Juice(OG),Black Pepper,Course Sea Salt,Bragg Liquid Aminos,Champagne Vinegar,Balsamic Vinegar,Dried Oregano,Raw Honey,Schreiber Dijon Mustard,Red Chile,Dry Thyme,
(OG) indicates an ingredient is organic


Soybean, Milk, Eggs