Kerala Vegetable Curry Tray
Flavors of the South Asian trade winds come alive with this coconut curry loaded with seasonal vegetables, ginger, lime and aromatic spices. Best served with Basmati rice (sold separately). Serves 6-8.

Sides Sold Separately

Nutritional Information


Coconut Milk(OG), Chickpeas, Cauliflower(OG), Yellow Onions, Red Onions, Red Pepper(OG), Green Pepper(OG), Bragg Liquid Aminos, Garlic(OG), Sambal Oelek, Ginger(OG), Lime Juice, Raw Honey, White Wine, Yellow Curry Powder, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cumin, Allspice, Course Sea Salt, Dried Oregano, Black Pepper, Dry Thyme