Feedback 12-21

First of all we’d like to thank you for choosing GreenDish! We strive to please our clients and would like to know your thoughts on your GreenDish experience, the food, and if there are areas we can improve. This Survey has been compiled based on customer comments and questions we have here at GreenDish.

Feedback Survey 12-21

As an existing customer how likely are you to order again from GreenDish?(Required)

It has always been our vision to offer a service for our customers to take a break from cooking dinner 2-3 times a week, what would you want us to change to enable you to order more frequently?(Required)
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Delivery has not been as popular as we thought, let us know why you chose pickup over delivery?(Required)

What Days of the week are you likely order from Greendish or another Restaurant(Required)
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What time of the day do you typically eat your evening meal?(Required)
What are your thoughts on our portion sizes?(Required)

What are your thoughts on our pricing?(Required)

What GreenDish Menu Categories do you like the most?(Required)
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What are your thoughts on the level of hot spice at GreenDish?(Required)