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Menu Highlights

We have both traditional and international flavors in our menu, along with weekly specials. Here’s a glimpse of our styles, and you can explore the whole menu here.

Home Style

Good hot traditional American meals, with choices like beef brisket, meatloaf, salmon, and more. Sides that are included can be swapped for others. 

Asian Flavors

The world’s largest continent inspired these stir frys, curries, and other delicious dishes. 

Classic Italian

Our Italian dishes are made with a focus on healthier nutrition without sacrificing taste.

Latin American

A variety of enchiladas and burrito bowls bring south of the border spice to our menu.

How it works

Healthy Meals, hot ready-to-eat and cold heat-to-eat later. Convenient online ordering, for pick up and delivery, now or later (no subscription necessary)

How and When?

Determine whether you want your food delivered or picked up.  Want your meal now? no problem just select ASAP or order up to 7 days in advance.

Choose Your Meal

Select your entrée from our extensive menu, then select your favorite sides and add-ons. Want a different entrée or side for each member of the family? no problem, order meals individually or family style, your choice! Don’t forget to review the ingredients and nutrition to match your dietary needs.

Hot or Cold?

Do you want your food hot ready-to-eat or cold for heat-to-eat later? or both, get a nice hot meal now with  a couple of extra meals for the rest of the week. 

Eat and enjoy!

It’s that simple! Convenient on-line ordering. Transparency of ingredients so you know what you are eating. Eat when you want with no grocery shopping, no recipe searching, no preparation, no cooking, no clean up and no subscription commitments.


Know Your

All the information you need to make healthy choices about what you eat. 

Responsibly Grown, Naturally Delicious

GreenDish cares deeply about our ingredients so we strive to source responsibly grown food whenever it’s available—avoiding produce sprayed with pesticides and animals raised using antibiotics or hormones.

Menu Transparency

We list everything we use to make our dishes because everyone’s dietary needs are different and you deserve to make an informed decision about the food you’re eating. All our meals display ingredients, nutritional content, and dietary labels such as vegan and gluten-free.

Two Types of Delivery

GreenDish has its own delivery fleet for dinner service. We did this for a few reasons: hybrid cars for the environment, and to keep the customer’s cost down. We also offer on demand delivery through our 3rd party partners. 

Order Ahead

Order your dinners in advance and we’ll deliver to you through our sustainable delivery fleet. You can order up to a week in advance, or on the same day with a cutoff time at 4pm. Deliveries are daily 4pm -8pm. The delivery charge is $2.95 and tip is not necessary.

Order ASAP

Is it time to order delivery now?  Our on demand 3rd party provider is available during our service hours of 11am-8pm M-F and 4pm to 8pm Sat-Sun. The delivery charge is $4.95 plus tip to the driver.

A Culture of Sustainability

GreenDish has a strong culture of sustainability. It’s our duty to preserve our planet so we’re taking action to make sure we’re part of the solution. It is our pledge to work with our suppliers, employees, and customers to ensure that sustainable options are available now and to continue developing new ways to help save our future. Read more here